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[The Shaklee Story - Dr. Shaklee and the History of Shaklee]

Lean more about our unique Weight Management products and program that really works!

Get the latest news about the clinical research proving the effectiveness of our new, patented Anti-Aging tonic.

Skin needs the cleansing and protection of the clinically proven Skin Care System with the exclusive patented Vital Repair+ (U.S. patent no. 6,036,946).
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Hair Care System
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Product System
Lightweight Conditioner
Finishing Spray
Nourishing Scalp Treatment
Purifying Shampoo
Replenishing Conditioner
Revitalizing Shampoo


Our NEW, proven Weight Management

Everything You Need For Healthy Weight Management

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The New Standard in Purity and Full-Spectrum Potency

Protect your heart safely with our Omega-3 complex, the world's finest, ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil. This product offers a full spectrum of seven omega-fatty acids, including EPA, DHA, ALA, and more to help you maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.*



Our Proven Air Purification Treatment  System safely and effectively treats your indoor air with processes as natural as sunlight. 

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Good health is one of the most important ingredients in a life that is full, fun, productive and fulfilling.  Amazingly, few of us realize how easy it is to have better health—or that only one minute a day spent supplementing our normal diet can quickly make us feel better. And that means you'll enjoy life more!  Click here to find out how.



Nutritional Products

Our company has always been a pioneer in the field of nutrition. As early as 1915, our founder began to explore Nature's unknown and unnamed nutritional frontier because he was concerned with the quality of life.

Inspired by Nature's own processes, his company and the ongoing Nutritional Products he inspired are testimony to the long-standing concern; they are the finest nutritional insurance money can buy. His company's tradition of relentless research is your undeniable guarantee that you are getting the finest products on the market today.


The Difference: Your Guide To Evaluating Nutritional Products

The Toughest Standard Of All
Our Company's Difference is the toughest standard of quality in the industry, and it emanates from a commitment to science and research as the basis for all our products. If a product doesn't have a strong scientific foundation from top to bottom, it simply won't wear our company's label.

Below are just some of the key questions we ask about any nutritional product as we consider developing it for our company. Use it as a checklist of points to consider when evaluating other products. If a competitor doesn't have satisfactory answers to these questions, you can bet that they don't match up to The Difference.

Does the Product Offer a Balance Nutritional Profile?
Some products contain many times the Daily Value (DV) of some nutrients, yet very little others. If such apparent imbalance aren't clearly explained, it may be because a sound nutritional rationale is lacking.

Skimping On the B's
You've probably seen multis that feature upwards of 2000% of the DV for B vitamins like thiamine and riboflavin, yet offer little or none of the B vitamin biotin. Competitors often skimp on biotin because it is one of more expensive nutrients. The fact is that all of the B vitamins belong to a group of nutrients that help the body release energy from food and metabolize fuel. They work best when they work together.

Missing Minerals
Some multis on the market simply don't offer important trace minerals like selenium, chromium, manganese or boron. Even more common are the 'nearly missing' minerals. A multis may claim to be complete, but minerals like calcium and magnesium often fall far short of their 1000mg and 400mg respective DVs. So, when examining a product, don't forget the trace minerals and do a double check for potency of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Do Ingredients Add Value or Hot Air?
In evaluating a product's nutrient profile, it's not a matter of counting up nutrients - the ingredients themselves have to count. If the rationale for including an ingredient in a product doesn't hold up to scrutiny, that ingredient may simply serve to inflate the numbers and the cost.

Low Potency Extras
Certain ingredients may be in amounts too low to be of real value. For example, the 10-20mg of potassium touted in some multis amounts to only a fraction of the 3500mg Daily Value. Similarly, 50mg of 'fiber complex', the actual amount in some multis, adds up to only 1/500 of the recommended daily.

Digestive enzymes are another example. when taken in sufficient doses and in the right forms, certain digestive enzyme preparations may help the body digest food. But the potency of enzymes in a multi is usually minimal and is unnecessary to absorb the vitamins and minerals the multi contains.

Unproven Extras
Beware of ingredients that have no proven benefit. Glutathione is a good example. Glutathione is part of a natural antioxidant enzyme in the body call glutathione peroxidase which plays a role in protecting the body's cells from free-radical damage. But unlike antioxidant nutrients as vitamin C and E, glutathione is not an essential nutrient. Instead, the body easily produces it to amino acid building blocks. Moreover, there is no published clinical research suggesting that the minute levels of glutathione contained in a multi are beneficial to your health.

Are the Product Ingredients as Natural as Possible and in Harmony With Good Health?
Unlike many of our competitors' products, our company's products have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added. Our philosophy is to use natural source ingredients wherever possible, and it's a philosophy that is backed up in writing as evidenced by the Nutritional and Herbal Products Ingredient Glossary.

Also keep a sharp eye out for products where ingredients are used inappropriately or unsafely. For example, there are a number of products on the market today that combine caffeine and the herb Ma Huang to artifically rev-up the nervous system in an ill-advised and potentially dangerous attempt to promote weight loss.

Are the Product Claims Really Believable?
Miracle nutrients are few. And products that promise effortless weight loss or claim to cure a myriad of diseases and conditions are most likely the result of some marketing scheme, not solid science. If your gut feeling is that something sounds too good to be true, you're probably right. Claims for our products are backed up by published clinical research, a list of which is printed in our Product Guide.

Is the Product Backed by Laboratory Testing and Clinical Research?
Some competitors claim their nutrients are absorbed better or that they use revolutionary manufacturing methods. Still others claim their products are proven by research. In response to all these claims, ask for proof. But don't be too surprised if nothing ever materialises.

If you find that you are reading product testimonials instead of peer-reviewed, published clinical research, chances are the product you are evaluating never was tested. Our company has a research and development facility staffed by over 150 scientists, engineers, technicians and support personnel who are responsible for thoroughly testing our products to ensure the highest quality. We also work very closely with our Scientific Advisory Board who are actively involved in conducting clinical research on company's products.

Who Designs and Manufactures The Product?
Many companies simply buy generic formulas and then slap on their own private labels. They don't design their products. They don't test them. They don't make them. And they don't know whether they work or not.

At our company, we work on our products from start to finish and that offers a real advantage. We know firsthand each ingredient that goes into our products, how each product is made and how they work. And throughout our manufacturing process we ensure that each finished product meets our tough quality standards.

The Difference - A Measure Of Our Pride
Today's consumers are looking for some guidance to help them make sense of the myriad choices available to them on the supplement shelf. The Difference is a tough standard of quality that no one else can match, and it's built into our products from start to finish. In fact, our company has a 50-year legacy of making products with a difference, and that can give your consumers real confidence in the decision they are making.


ACE Wellness Program

Free radicals are inherently unstable and react with certain cells in the body, interfering with the cells' ability to function normally. They are believed to play a role in more than sixty different health conditions, including the aging process, cancer and arthrosclerosis. Increasing intake of antioxidant nutrients can reduce the risk of free radical-related health problems.

The Ace Wellness Program comprising six premium quality products - Beta-Carotene, Sustained Release Vitamin C 500 mg, Vitamin E 400 IU, Multi-Mineral/Multi-Vitamin complex, B complex and Protein Supplement. This program is aimed at providing protection from free radical damage and good wholesome nutrition for your loved ones.

Functions of Beta Carotene


Functions of Sustained Release Vitamin C 500 mg


Functions of Vitamin E 400 IU


Functions of Our Multi-Vitamins - Multi-Minerals


Functions of B-Complex


Functions of Protein Supplements (several variations to suit your unique needs and tastes)

Click here for more nutritional product details


Published Proof



Over 80 Articles
Published in Prestigious
Scientific Journals!


Clinical studies have proven
that our products...
  • Fight heart disease and cancer
  • Increase bone density by 39%
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reverse painful osteoarthritis
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Sharpen mental acuity
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve endurance
  • Lower cholesterol 30 points per month
  • Repair tissue and build lean muscle mass

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In a study on bioavailability aired in the NBC Today Show, our Multi-Mineral/Mutil-Vitamin supplement
was absorbed in less than 7 minutes, well ahead of all leading brands tested!

A career with pride, promise, and prosperity.
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The Product

The Recognized World Leader!

More than 150 Scientists
Three $50 Million Research Centers
A $75 million Manufacturing Facility


Our company's commitment to scientific research is unequaled. Over $100 million has been spent to date. More than $10 million is spent every year. Our company also leads the industry in advanced analytical testing. More than 63,000 tests are performed on our nutritional products every year to test efficacy and purity. Clinical proof, a world-class Scientific Advisory Board, 150 scientists and a total commitment to founder's philosophy, Harmony with Nature, make our company's products the standard by which all others are judged.  


Clinical Studies at Major Universities!

Harvard - Tufts University - Johns Hopkins - Yale - UCLA
The University of California - The University of Texas
Scripps Howard - Mills College - Stanford University



A career with pride, promise, and prosperity.
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Our company made network marketing history by reinventing the very heart of its compensation plan! This visionary move raises the bar and positions our company perfectly on the front end of two massive world-wide trends - Network Marketing and The Vitamin Revolution. Never before has a major player in the network marketing industry so perfectly packaged the key elements of success - and on such a rock-solid platform. The company has now hyperlaunched into the 21st Century with the best nutritional products in the world, driven by the most generous compensation plan in the history of our industry. When you combine the heart-pounding numbers of this new compensation plan with the quality, integrity, and stability of this company, you have a perfect package and a quantum leap in network marketing opportunity. Position yourself now and you can Own Your Life!


Over 200 products to ensure your success.
Each and every one is researched, developed, and tested by dedicated teams of scientistic backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction. That's The Difference.


Build your own independent business.
You've got everything you need at your fingertips. World-class products. Professional sales tools. And the support and encouragement of the entire organization. You'll find you have what it takes to reach your goals - and teach others how to do the same.



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Live your dreams - always.
If you're looking for a lifestyle that gives you choices - more freedom to spend time the way you want to, the thrill of success, the financial independence - you will find what you seek in our company. Thousands of people just like you have made their dreams come true.

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